Board of Directors

Don’t just aspire to volunteer, aspire to make a difference.

At Valley Heartland  ‍we’ve been building entrepreneurship in Lanark County & North Leeds for over 30 years; helping strengthen and grow the local economy.

Our board is made up of a DIVERSE group of professionals and community leaders with a wide range of EXPERTISE in business, non-for-profit, finance, law, and more. Together, we aim to provide responsive SERVICES an‍‍‍d SOLUTIONS to nurture the most innovative, sustainable businesses and communities imaginable. We’re now looking to grow our board. This is your opportunity JOIN US and make a difference in our region.

So what kind of impact can you have? In 2017 our board:
Advanced $1.3 million through our loans program
Approved 34 projects = $450,000.00 through our grant program
Supported the creation of 66 new jobs and sustainability of 124

Resident of, or an active full-time owner of a business in our service territory;
At least 18 years of age;
Willing to carry out the duties of a Director, and further the objectives of the Corporation;
Subject to all qualifications of Directors as identified in the corporate by-laws of the Corporation.

Interested candidates are required to complete an application and submit it in person or by email to no later than April 30th, 2018.


For more information please contact Valley Heartland General Manager Tina Stevens if interested  613.283.7002 x 103


As a community-based, not-for-profit organization, Valley Heartland CFDC is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors. The Board members represent a cross-section of business sectors and community interests and strive to provide representation from across our service territory of Lanark County and North Leeds.  All organizational decisions are approved by the Board through Executive, Investment and Planning Committees. Our current Board members are:


  Dianne Adshead,       Chair

Louise Heslop, Vice Chair

    Don Dutton,       Past Chair

    Robert Dyke,     Treasurer

Larry Sparks, Secretary

Kris Dolinki

Katie Ireton

 Glenn Allen

Colin Hurman

   Jane Torrance