Strategic Planning

Thank you to all who could join us for the Sessions of the county-wide Economic Development Strategic Planning process  – your input is much appreciated!


May 2017 Update

A quick summary of our Planning Session 1:

The County-wide Economic Development Strategic Planning Process is underway with 41 engaged representatives from every municipality in Lanark County.  Our first session on May 17 drove the collaborative dialogue, laid the foundation, built capacity, set expectations for the process, and established criteria for accountability and success.  Future meetings will focus on relevant data, stakeholder input, goals and actions, and partnership opportunities.

Next Steps:

Using input from the first session, and key priorities from existing municipal and regional plans, a smaller working group will craft our vision and mission statement to share at the next Session of the Leadership Team.  This next session will ensure the county-wide strategy aligns with lower tier priorities, reflecting how each community will uniquely contribute to the collaborative plan.

June 2017 Update

Planning Session 2:

The County-wide Economic Development Strategic Planning Process is well underway with the Leadership Team wrapping up its Session 2 on June 14.  This “Collect and Analyze” session had 34 engaged participants delving into the demographics and economy overview of Lanark County to consider our local industry sectors, workforce, strengths, and future opportunities in economic development.  Two Working Groups were formed to take the analysis a step further, and to engage the Economic Development Stakeholder Advisory Groups, to provide valuable insights into the next steps in the collaborative planning process.

The county-wide Economic Development Strategic Planning process is a partnership initiative led by Valley Heartland, Lanark County and OMAFRA; driven by all municipalities in Lanark County and the economic development stakeholders throughout the wider region.

For more information, please contact Stacie Lloyd, Regional Economic Development Officer, by phone at 613-283-7002, ext 106, or by email at