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Valley Heartland is an agile, and proactive regional leader providing guidance and support to entrepreneurs and small businesses. It is recognized as a key innovative driver of sustainable rural economic development.



Valley Heartland will evolve quickly and sustainably to enhance its leadership role in regional entrepreneurship growth and economic development and to expand its range of impact for the benefit of its stakeholders. Through creative resource utilization, it will develop its ability to support technology-driven innovation and business success. .

As an innovation-driven, non-profit organization, Valley Heartlands' mandate is to support entrepreneurship, job creation, and assist rural communities in developing and implementing strategies for dealing with a changing economic environment.

In 2020 staff and board embarked on a journey to renew our Vision and Mission for the future, supported by new core values.

We encourage innovation by exploring creative solutions; we anticipate, embrace, and proactively address change.

Innovation & Change

We act with integrity and honesty in the work we do, the people we interact with, and the decisions we make. We are accountable and committed to providing the highest standard of service to the public.


We are inspired by the entrepreneurs we work with, and we strive to support their ambitions, ideas, and goals. We have a relentless focus on enhancing our community and our organization.

Entrepreneurial Mindset

We treat all people with respect and dignity and actively promote inclusion and diversity as foundational in all we do. Equitable treatment enables such diversity to be a source of strength and a wellhead of talent and growth in support of economic development.

Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

We revel in our work and celebrate success. We look forward to Mondays and Board meetings!

Committed Enthusiasm

Core Values

General Manager

Tina Stevens

1-613-283-7002 x 103

Amber Coville

Sharon Ruth



Business Development Officer

1-613-283-7002 x 110


Loans Officer

1-613-283-7002 x 106


Valley Heartland is governed by a local board of directors. Our board contains a dedicated and diverse group of professionals and community leaders with a wide range of expertise in business, finance, economic development, and more.

Louise Heslop, Chair

Robert Dyke, Vice Chair

Larry Sparks, Treasurer  

Dianne Adshead, Past Chair

Dave Perley, Secretary

Dennis Staples, Director  

John Fenik, Director

Jane Torrance, Director

Amber Percival, Director  

Tracey Phillips, Director


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