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Economic Develo‍‍‍pment

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We work alongside community leaders and stakeholders to create plans and implement projects that support bus‍‍‍iness‍‍‍, cultivate partnerships and build strong communities in the region.

2018-2019 Lanark County-Wide BR+E Program will assist existing businesses within the county to identify strengths and opportunities, become more competitive, and identify economic development priorities.

2018-2020 Lanark County-Wide Economic Development Strategic Plan Valley Heartland provides economic development services to Lanark County and has recently completed a county-wide collaborative economic development strategic planning process.

The Regional Economic Development Alliance is made up of economic developers representing municipalities in our region, that meet bi-monthly to share information and partner on projects that strengthen our local economy and support business growth & job cre‍‍‍ation.

For more information please contact Stacie Lloyd, Regional Economic Development Off‍‍‍icer:



613.283.7002 ext. 106  

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