Successful EODP Projects

With the support provided by FedDev Ontario, our staff and board have strategically invest‍‍‍ed our EODP funds in local projects that: drive sustainability and innovation, spark job creation, support research and development, and commercialization to better position our region for global competitiveness, export markets, and economic diversification.

Farmgate Cider

LIQUOR LABS (DAIRY DISTILLERY). At Dairy Distillery, innovation is at the heart of what they do. Combining artisanal distilling techniques with cutting edge science to transform unused milk sugar into an incredibly smooth and clean spirit. This creates new opportunity for dairy farmers while reducing waste. Milk from 3,500 Ontario dairy farms is sent to large processors where the cream is removed to make butter and the proteins concentrated to make ultrafiltered milk used by cheese and yogurt makers. When making ultrafiltered milk, a sugar rich liquid called milk permeate is produced. Most milk permeate is dumped creating a strain on the environment and a disposal cost for dairy farmers. In collaboration with the University of Ottawa they have developed a process to convert milk permeate into spirit.

Liquor Labs was approved for $50,000.00 EODP funding support towards a second still to expand the current capacity from 30,000 bottles a year to 150,000. This capacity is required for province wide distribution through the LCBO. Province wide distribution will require 300,000 liters of milk permeate for production and accelerate the growth of the business.

Almonte, Ont

TOP SHELF DISTILLERS crafts spirits from locally sourced, natural ingredients using a 3-step filtration process that ensures high quality and exceptional taste. Products include Top Shelf Vodka, Top Shelf Gin, Canadian whisky and cocktail bitters. Under the Reunion Moonshine sub-brand, they offer a 100 Proof moonshine and five varieties of flavoured moonshine. Top Shelf products are available in multiple LCBOs across Ontario and their retail store is fully stocked with additional branded merchandise, premium cocktail mixes, and supplies.

Top Shelf was approved for $30,000.00 EODP funding support towards equipment to improve quality control, e‍‍‍fficiency and a greenhouse to grow botanicals and ingredients for products on site and enhance visitor tours.

Perth, Ont  

‍‍‍RISKLOGIK is a risk and resilience software and services company specializing in: advanced complex risk analysis spatial intelligence cyber consequence analysis industrial control systems risk human risk intelligence structural risk analysis They use artificial intelligence, deep analytics and other advanced technologies to produce quantifiable auditable results for a wide range of international clients including the World Bank, The International Committee of the Red Cross, The US Department of Homeland Security and the Government of Canada.

RiskLogik was approved for $30,000.00 EODP funding support towards an Engineering consultant and the necessary hardware and software to work with existing systems to take the prototype SiteLogik to market. SiteLogik scans physical structures and provides structural engineers, architects and security engineers the capacity to see and understand physical and cyber risk consequences and design/test appropriate mitigations in full 3D simulation at engineering standard accuracy. This ensures designs are resilient to all potential threats including climate change, terrorism, cyber-attack and industrial accident.

Almonte, Ont

SPORTS SYSTEMS is a manufacturing company that offers, delivers, builds and installs athletic infrastructure and equipment. They sell comprehensive athletic solutions for various sports to individuals, elementary schools, high schools, colleges, universities and other athletic departments/companies around the world.  

Sports Systems was approved for $25,000.00 EODP funding support towards consulting for the integration of the existing website into a fully functional e-commerce platform that works within existing ERP software. Integration will ensure orders placed through the website will be submitted into the order and inventory system allowing for an efficient fulfillment process and quick arrival of product to customers. The new functionality will assist in growing the company’s B2B opportunities and ability to accept larger manufacturing orders resulting in new job creation in both the order fulfillment and manufacturing departments.

Almonte, Ont

LANARK CEDAR. Founded in 1954 Lanark Cedar has manufacturing, distribution and retail operations in Carleton Place and a retail operation in Ottawa.  With a team of 9 employees, Lanark Cedar supplies and installs Eastern White Cedar ‍‍‍products for outdoor structures, fences and decks to both contractors and retail customers.

Lanark Cedar was approved for $20,000.00 EODP funding support towards a painting machine and attachments to provide customers with a new service and will create a new finishing division to the existing manufacturing process. This project will allow the business to operate year-round rather than seasonally.

Carleton Place, Ont

CYCLONE BLOWERS INC. manufacturers/fabricates pull-behind snow blowers as tractor attachments. The design is the most effective snow blower in the industry, with optimal visibility for the operator, and superior snow blowing efficiency, resulting in 35% overall efficiency in snow removal, throwing distance, and fuel costs.

Cyclone Blowers Inc. was approved for $40,000.00 EODP funding support to assist with the relocation of the business to Smiths Falls that will allow for a complete production line and reduce outsourcing by having both a sandblasting and powder-coating/ paint room.

Smiths Falls, Ont

FARMGATE CIDER is a family run business launched in April of 2017 that produce farm-to-glass apple ciders. Since launching they have experienced growth that was significantly ‍‍‍higher than forecasted. All Farmgate apples are grown organically and the ciders contain no additives, preservatives or sulphites. The operation is spread across two farms, the Pakenham location falls within ‍‍‍Valley Heartlands catchment area.

Farmgate was approved for $35,000.00 EODP funding support towards equipment to increase production and meet demand and the development of a cider house/event space at the Pakenham location.

Pakenham, Ont

FARM FOREST RESEARCH is a cutting edge agricultural research company. They carry out research and development of sustainable/new technology for the Canadian and International agricultural community.

Farm Forest was approved for a multi-year project; $15,868.00 (2017-2018), $24,108.00 (2018-2019) EODP funding support towards equipment to extend the growing, research and development season at their new 8000 square feet greenhouse facility in Westport.

Westport, Ont

ALMONTE COMMUNITY CO-ORDINATORS (A.C.C) is a not-for-profit dedicated to serving those most vulnerable in their community through the revenue generated from two Social Enterprises: The Hub and Rebound. A.C.C currently employs 7 people part-time. In the past five years, they have disbursed over $600,000 in community-focused donations. The Hub is a retail store that accepts donations of gently used family fashions, accessories, housewares, books, games and toys. Rebound was established by the Hub to provide a convenient drop-off centre for large home furnishings, small appliances, computers and electronics.

The A.C.C. was approved for $53,192.00 EODP funding support towards renovations/consulting fees needed to The Hub/18 Mill Street location (owned by A.C.C). The renovations will also increase the retail space by 30%. As well as support towards a consultant to conduct a strategic planning workshop to provide the A.C.C with high-level direction to ensure that the organization is effectively governed, and has a plan for future growth and sustainability.  

Almonte, Ont

LAUNCH LAB is a team of entrepreneurs, investors, ex-CEO’s, and professional analysts who are here to help businesses grow and bring innovative products to the marketplace across multiple sectors. Launch Lab is a Regional Innovation Centre (RIC) and is part of the ONE (Ontario Network of Entrepreneurs) Network.  Launch Lab provides programs and services to clients in the areas of entrepreneurship development, mentorship, business advice, market intelligence and peer-to-peer activities.  Launch Lab has a vision to be the catalyst for driving economic growth and prosperity through entrepreneurship and the commercialization of innovations in Eastern Ontario.

Launch Lab was approved for $27,250.00 EODP funding support towards the delivery of 1 on1 business mentoring, a facilitated peer group, workshops and the Amplify Program (a six month in depth mentoring service).

Lanark County & North Leeds

VALLEY HEARTLAND BUSINESS RETENTION & EXPANSION PROJECT Business Retention & Expansion (BR&E) was identified as a top priority in the Lanark County-wide EcDev Strategic Plan. To further understand the needs of existing businesses‍‍‍ and opportunities for business growth in the region, Valley Heartland will focus its economic development efforts in 2018 on the implementation of a county-wide BR&E program. The information gathered through this program will lay a solid foundation for other economic development programming; including programs to support new business development and growth and succession planning.

Approved by FedDev Ontario for $28,450.00 EODP funding support towards the delivery of the BR&E program in collaboration with the County and its member municipalities, using the proven OMAFRA BR&E model. Funding support  to hire a BR&E Consultant and related costs for the implementation of the comprehensive program; it is anticipated that many jobs will be created and retained by local businesses that are supported as part of a BR&E program. Lanark County in its approved 2018 budget has earmarked funds for implementing action plans in the economic development strategic plan, such as the county-wide BR&E project.

Lanark County Wide

THE TOWNSHIP OF RIDEAU LAKES is a local municipal government in the United Counties of Leeds and Grenville.  It is a large rural municipality with a number of small villages and hamlets.  Tourism, agriculture and service industries are primary economic drivers.  The Township has identified ‘economic development’ and ‘village and hamlet vitality’ as strategic priorities.

Rideau Lakes was approved for a multi-year project; $20,000.00 (2017-2018), $10,000.00 (2018-2019) towards an Alternative Servicing Study that will identify alternative servicing options and solutions for ‍‍‍villages.  These solutions will provide villages with the ability to be sustainable and economically viable.

Delta, Ont

THE TOWN OF SMITHS FALLS boasts a highly desirable location along  the  banks  of  the beautiful and  historic Rideau  Canal,  Ontario’s  only  UNESCO World  Heritage Site. Over the past few years Smiths Falls has continued to evolve through revitalization projects, tourism, business development and planning for the future.

Smiths Falls was approved for a multi-year project; $19,741.00 (2017-2018), $27,000.00 (2018-2019) towards the development of a Marina at the Victoria Basin. This revitalization will increase public access and provide more amenities on the waterfront, impact local business through an increase of transient boaters, expand the communities’ capacity to attract, receive and successfully explore related inward investment opportunities and support the expansion of existing businesses.

Smiths Falls, Ont

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